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BIM to BIM (LOD 200 to LOD 500)

Many occasions CAD drawings are not available for the development of the BIM models due to various reasons. With strong team with relevant domain experience our team could comfortably transform the pdf drawings related data to BIM to an integrated model. We can convert the pdfs with or without standards to meaningful BIM model that could be utilized in further project stages. We also provide PDF as a delivery extracted from the BIM models taking PDF as an input.Various project requires specific levels of details in the BIM models at specific construction stage. We have proficiency in converting BIM model from lower level to higher level without compromising the quality and contents within the models. Example – LOD 200 to LOD 350, LOD 300 to LOD 450. This also applies for assignments of transforming BIM models from Design development stage to an as-built stage.

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